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(FR) OXEON invente des dialogues bigarrés entre voix et accordéon. Nourries de musique classique, de jazz et de musique folklorique, Sylvie Klijn -voix- et Lea Gasser -accordéon- proposent un programme musical entre compositions originales et musique arrangée. Vivantes et personnelles, les improvisations et compositions du duo transportent le public dans des mondes lointains et imaginaires.

(EN) OXEON invents colourful dialogues between voice and accordion. Nourished by classical music, jazz and folk music, Sylvie Klijn – voice – and Lea Gasser – accordion – bring a musical program between original compositions and arrangements. Lively and personal, the duo’s improvisations and compositions transport the audience to distant and imaginary worlds.

More information about Lea: www.leagasser.ch

Sylvie Klijn & Emilio Giovanoli | FINE


Emilio Giovanoli – bass

Sylvie Klijn – voice & composition



Empty hands, stone-cold feet

Nothing here, but a need

To take care of oneself

In an air of green defeat.

Know where to hide

When trust and fear collide

Know where to find

Safe notes between the lines


Live recording @ BCV concert hall Lausanne, Switzerland. August 2020.

Video: Romain Ballarini

Debut album out now!

Our first album is out! Feeling very happy and proud and would like to thank everyone who has helped creating this cd – Floris Van Elderen, Tiago Lageira, Julia Kooreman, Ido Zilberman, Solal Excoffier, Jan van Well, Lex Tanger, many teachers and other wise people.
If you’d like to purchase one, please send me an email (info@sylvieklijn.nl) or visit one of our concerts!